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Rx Monitoring Services, Inc., is an innovative company that sees Power Quality Monitoring as a service - not just a box!

Founded in 1995 on the principle that power & environmental quality site analysis should be simple. Knowing that the environment can adversely affect the profitability of service contracts and customer satisfaction, RxMS was created to make it simple and easy to gather data so that you will know that the environment will not contribute to system downtime.

Combining the expertise from the Power Quality, Field Service, Computer Design and Software Industries, RxMS has accumulated technical knowledge to provide its customers with the best service in the power monitoring field.




We provide Field Service Organizations with technical information that enables them to make better financial and business decisions. By developing high speed data acquisition tools and developing several processes (patents pending) for data compression and transmission, RxMS can provide its customers with the most accurate data acquisition tools at the lowest cost per site and all RxMS power quality monitors are manufactured by ISO Certified suppliers!

RxMS has its manufacturing, design and support staff located in Bedford, New Hampshire, 1 hour north of Boston.

Contact us at (603) 666-6606 or E-mail sales@rxms.com.

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